Fishing Near Me

Looking for a quick way to find some good fishing spots near your location? Check out this interactive map.

It lets you zoom into your locale and find spots that have been found by other anglers and shared with the community.

How To Use The Local Fishing Map

You can use the + and – buttons to zoom in and out of the map. Then, you can drag  the map around with your mouse or touch and drag.

Once you get to your location, you can click on the spot markers to get more details.

You can find out information about what species are being caught. Anglers will also post details about what lures were used for their catches. The app also has fishing forecasts. 

These forecasts will give you information on the best times to fish. This is generated using solar/lunar times that predict major and minor feeding periods. These details can be used for all sorts of wildlife activities.

Check out this video on how to use the map for more info:

You can also enter location names into the search box.

The interactive fishing spot map covers the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

Bait Shops Near Me

What’s great is that the map will even show you all the local bait shops in your location as well. These are signified by a fish hook icon on the map. 

When you click on the icon, a pop up will appear showing you the details of the bait shop. You can also click on the “Get Directions” link and open a maps direction guide to the location.

Bait shops aren’t just a place to go load up on lures and tackle. There are great places to chat up the employees and see if you can gather some intel. You can often get some good details on what patterns are working to catch fish in your location. You might also meet some other anglers that you can share your trip with.

Boat Ramps Near Me

Another feature of this interactive map is that you can also find boat ramps near you. They’re designated by an icon with a boat going down a ramp.

If you click on them, it will give you the boat ramp details. Remember that some ramps may have a fee. Additionally, there may be restrictions on parking as well of what type of watercraft can be accommodated.

Nearby Fishing Lakes

If you’re looking for bass or panfish, local lakes and ponds are a great place to start. Many lakes are built by impounding rivers with a dam. This often creates a situation where you have current running through the lake. This can create fishing opportunities. 

Lakes also feature structure like ledges, bluffs and rocky points. Cover such as submerged timber, rip rap, and weed lines can also be excellent fishing spots.

Nearby Fishing Rivers

Rivers can be great places for fishing opportunities. Look for current breaks, undercut banks and deep holes. This can be a fun way to find fish. What’s more, if you’re a bank angler, you can find many parks where you can fish from shore.

If you’re a boater make sure you understand the depth changes on the river you’re planning on fishing. Rivers can be notorious for changing. Sand bars can appear over night and logs flowing downriver can be a navigation hazard.

Nearby Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing for speckled trout and redfish has gained in popularity. If you don’t have a way to get out on the water, you can still find ways to catch em from shore. Many public fishing piers are highlighted on this map.

Getting on the water is easier then ever with modern fishing kayaks. 

There are even anglers that wade fish near shore and do quite well. 

Needless to say this map can provide you with countless options on locations near shore where you can try your luck.

Fishing Regulations In My Area

There are many rules related to fishing in all states in the US. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the licensing requirements before you go. Also, make sure you know about open seasons, size limits and species rules too.

Find your states fishing license rules by clicking on your state at the website.


This map can be very useful in finding new fishing spots to try. But keep in mind that GPS coordinates may sometimes be inaccurate. Be sure to follow all safety precautions when searching for these spots. 

Make sure you go out and have a good time. And if you can, try to practice catch and release. It will help save our fisheries for many generations to enjoy.

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