Shimano Curado DC Review [2022]

Shimano Curado DC 150 Baitcasting Reel

The Shimano Curado DC 150 is a baitcaster with one very unique feature. It contains a digitally controlled braking system. In fasct, DC stands for “Digital Control.” A computer chip inside the reel controls the …

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The Best Downriggers

Best Downriggers

This guide will help you find the best downrigger for your needs. Whether you’re targeting Salmon or Sailfish, getting you’re lures in the strike zone is key. Changing the presentation, or finding the thermocline can …

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Best Topwater Frogs

Best Topwater Frog

Fishing topwater frogs is some of the most exciting fishing there is.  Watching bass blow up on a frog will get your nerves racing! Finding the right frog for the right situation is key. This …

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Fox River

Fox River Tournament Fox River IL.


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Fishing For Beginners

Beginning Fishing

If you’ve never gone fishing before, it can look like to complicated hobby. You may feel like an outsider and worry about all the gear baits and etiquette. This guide will help you learn the …

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Ultimate Drop Shot Guide

Drop Shot Rig Guide

You’ve probably had this happen to you– You’re out bass fishing. The water is pretty clear. You look around but see nothing. You throw all your big lures and nothing works. It seems like the …

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Best Online Fishing Store

When it comes to finding the fishing tackle you need, online fishing stores are a great resource. Online fishing shops can have lures that you might not be able to find at your local tackle …

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Bass Fishing In Rivers

Bass Fishing in rivers posts a unique set of challenges. But if you master river environments, you can catch bass that most anglers won’t be able to find. River currents are notorious for constantly changing. …

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