What to look for in Travel Fishing Gear

When travelling on a fishing trip, fishing gear can become a complication. This is especially true if you’re flying.

Fishing rods and commercial airliners weren’t really made for each other. You could incur serious baggage fees if you decide to bring all your gear.

What’s worse is you may run the risk of your gear being lost or damaged.
So, what are some tips you can take into consideration when planning your next big fishing trip?

Travel Fishing Kits.

This is one of the more inexpensive options. It can also me bore limiting. Travel fishing kits usually consist of a collapsible rod and a spinning reel. They also usually come in a case.

One of the main problems with these is that they’re usually a light weight setup. This means that they’re good for smaller to medium sized fish. So, you’ll probably be ok catching panfish, bass or small trout with these.

If you’re going after saltwater species, the limitations may be even more of a problem. Most of these setups are not well suited to saltwater environments. Corrosion could appear quickly.

Another issue is that you will most likely be limited to small inshore species. I wouldn’t recommend taking one of these out for snapper or grouper.

The benefits of these is that you’ll be able to easily get them on a plane as they will fit in your carry on luggage.

Rod Tubes

Travel rod tubes are great at protecting your rods, reels and most tackle that you put in them. Most will easily fit multiple rods. I would then recommend that you store your reels in luggage.

One of the unfortunate drawbacks of rod tubes is that you’ll get hit with oversize bag charges. If you’re willing to deal with these, it’s probably your safest option.

Another option that you may not have considered is shipping your gear to your destination separately. While this may seem strange, when compared to airline fees, It may be a completely feasible option.


When you’re setting up your next trip, don’t forget to plan how your rods, reels and tackle are going to be transported. If you’re serious about your gear, it’s crucial that you arrive with the right equipment

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